Columbus Crew Takes on NYC at Yankee Stadium

The Crew return to MLS play coming off a disappointing 0-3 loss to Pachuca in the ONCACAF Champions Cup Final.
Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees
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The Columbus Crew continues their summer against New York City and all that comes with playing in the big apple.

The match will be on Friday, June 14 according to AI Score. Columbus enters the competition in seventh place in the Eastern Conference of the MLS. The Crew stand five points behind third place New York City. New York City has twenty nine points to the twenty four points in the standings of Columbus.

The clubs are different. New York has nine wins with five losses and two draws. Columbus tends to tie games more often. Columbus has six wins with two losses
and six ties.

If you are not Inter Miami then you do not have forty goals. Teams that are chasing first place Miami have scored in the twenties so far. Both Columbus and
New York are among those teams. New York City has scored twenty four times so far in the MLS in 2024. This season, Columbus has scored twenty one goals.

Columbus has allowed thirteen goals. They have a goal differential of plus eight. Columbus has only played fourteen games so New York City has allowed seventeen
goals. They have a plus seven goal differential through sixteen games.

The most recent contests for each club, though awhile ago now, can be very telling. Columbus has won three of their last five MLS matches; their only loss was to
Cincinnati; they also tied Montréal. New York City has gone and won five in a row since they lost to Colorado two to zip.

Though these teams are not evenly matched the advantage New York City has may not show
up. Both teams are in playoff spots so far. It should be a good match.