Crew 2 should be playing at their home

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

With Austin FC 2’s win over the Colorado Rapids 2 Sunday night, we now know Crew 2 will host the MLS NEXT Pro championship game. It will be played October 22nd at 5 PM at….*checks notes*… Field. Wait…what? You read that correctly. The game will be played at Field and not Historic Crew Stadium, the usual home of the Capys.

Is it really a home game?

I don’t know if the decision was made by the league, Crew management, or a combination of the two. I just know I don’t like the idea. Yes, the game is being played in Columbus in front of what I’m sure will be a raucous Capys’ crowd, but it won’t be familiar surroundings for the players. That takes away some of the home field advantage. The game should be played where Crew 2 has performed all season-Historic Crew Stadium.

I know what you’re thinking

You’re thinking the Capys have already played at Field this season, so what’s the problem? One game played 4 ½ months ago is not going to give you any kind of advantage. Crew 2 is going to be playing in surroundings that will be nearly as unfamiliar to them as it will be to Austin FC 2. If I’m the Austin FC organization or a fan of the team, I’m ecstatic over this move. The Capys are losing some advantage by the game being played at Field.

Yes, it’s a nicer stadium

I don’t think anyone out there is going to make the argument that Field is not a much nicer venue than Historic Crew Stadium. The current home of the Crew is a beautiful place to watch a game and I love going there. This rant about the Capys being moved has nothing to do with Field.

Next. Crew run. Crew organization on an impressive run. dark

Well, at some point we’ll need to address the elephant on the pitch and talk about the, um, affection Crew fans have for Austin FC owner Anthony Precourt. We’ll discuss that and a bit about the matchup itself much later this week.