Crew Attendance does not match Public Attention

The Crew has one of the most prolific clubs out there right now but does anyone outside the stadium really care?
CF Montreal v Columbus Crew
CF Montreal v Columbus Crew / Jason Mowry/GettyImages

Why yellow? It certainly is not because of the Pittsburgh Steelers. They know they have a split audience in Columbus that has fandom in multiple NFL teams. The professional teams of other sports nearby should not have an effect on the Crew. But when it comes to things like marketing sometimes it helps to consider your audience. Theirs is split between surrounding areas without teams like Pittsburgh and Cleveland. So certainly choosing Pittsburgh yellow and black was a bold decision.

Are the Columbus Crew popular? In Columbus yes. Online no. In Ohio mostly no. In Pennsylvania mostly no. In terms of attention and attendance verses the MLS and finances then yes. But their popularity has room to grow beyond the fans at Historic Crew Stadium.

What can be done to rectify this situation? According to You Gov they are actually quite popular. But that does not fit with public appeal outside of the arena.

Despite being the seventeenth most popular world soccer club, no one seems to care about the Crew in the United States. Maybe America does hate soccer.

Guillermo Almada Head Coach  of Pachuca is seen  during the...
Guillermo Almada Head Coach of Pachuca is seen during the... / Eyepix Group/GettyImages

Events like the international CONCACAF Champions Cup are big for public attention. Appeal can really be gained when a team like Columbus wins. Somehow just performing well has not really helped their fame in Cleveland or on the Internet interne

The Crew are owned by the Haslems. This is indeed the same ownership as the Cleveland Browns. How come they are not successfully connecting the fans to each other? It may be a stretch but it also could be a secret marketing weapon both both the Browns and the Crew.

What they need to do first is change the color of the uniform. Right now it matches their Seattle Sounders FC opponent and reminds fans of the three yellow Pittsburgh teams. It may be smarter to integrate some Cleveland orange or Buckeye slash Guardian red. Either way, they got to keep the awesome emojis.