Crew organization steps up for its fans

Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA

Most businesses make claims about the importance of their customers. Sometimes they are forced to back up those claims by actually showing those claims are true. On Monday, the Crew and MLS each had the opportunity to show their customers how important they are to each. One stepped up. The other failed miserably.

Most already know the story of the MLS Cup final ticket mess, so I’m not going to spend time rehashing it. The blame for it all lies squarely at the feet of MLS. They are responsible for the “leak” that allowed unauthorized individuals to purchase tickets, list them on resale sites, and leave Crew season ticket holders shut out and very unhappy. While MLS seemed to have cared less, the Crew got busy showing their fans they care.

I don‘t know if Crew management pounded their fist on the desk of the league and generally threw a hissy fit over how their fans were being treated, but I’m guessing they really pushed to have the situation rectified. The organization got to work, tracked down all tickets sold to unauthorized users, and canceled the sales. By late Monday night, they were letting season ticket holders for this season and next know they would have their chance to purchase tickets to Saturday’s MLS Cup final.

I know there have been complaints and maybe the Crew didn’t perfectly handle the situation, but they handled it and made sure to give the fans a chance to see their favorite team compete for a championship. Leagues, any league, could care less about fans being inconvenienced-they only want your money. I don’t know how other teams feel about their fans, but the Crew showed they care about theirs. I can really get behind an organization like this.

Now that this MLS-created nonsense is pretty much out of the way, bring on LAFC.

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