Crew Win Big Saturday

Columbus earns fourth straight win since loss to Inter Miami.
Toronto FC v Columbus Crew
Toronto FC v Columbus Crew / Kirk Irwin/GettyImages

According to the Columbus Dispatch it was the forwards that led the team to this high scoring victory.

Cucho Hernández
Columbus Crew's Cucho Hernández / Kirk Irwin/GettyImages

The Crew were led with goals by Hernández, Ramirez, Farsi and Rossi. Four goals were more than enough for the victory. Toronto failed to score in this one. For the Crew, they call that a clean sheet.

The game started slow. The first ten minutes went by scoreless. Then in minute fifteen finally the back of the net was found. The goal was scored by Hernández.

No more goals were scored by either team in the first half. They would enter halftime with a score of 1-0 Crew.

The second half must have felt really long for the visiting Toronto FC. This is of course because three goals were made by the Crew in the second half.

Goal two was a stellar achievement. That achievement was accompany none other than Ramirez. That goal was scored in minute fifty two. It would be the final goal before the last thirty minutes of play.

In the last thirty the score would start out 2-0 Crew. With that kind of advantage they probably could have stayed poised and just ran out the clock. That is not what happened.

Farsi took to changing the scoreboard. In minute eighty one he put one in the net.

There would be one last goal in the match. That would be s ored by Rossi of Columbus in minute eighty four. What a terrific one-sided display of attacking soccer!

The next time the Crew take the field will be Saturday, July 13. They will travel to Los Angeles to face LAFC at 10:30 at night Eastern Time. The Crew will look to get win number twelve.