Cucho Hernandez is already one of the best in MLS

Cucho has been one of the best players in the MLS in the last few matches.
Cucho has been one of the best players in the MLS in the last few matches. / Charlie Crowhurst/GettyImages

Not long ago, Cucho Hernández was brought to the Columbus Crew for a club-record $10m transfer fee. Sure, that sounds like a lot for just one player, especially in MLS. But Cucho has made everyone know one thing: he is worth every penny that the Crew paid for him.

In just three matches, the Colombian forward has scored four goals in his first 90 minutes on the field. He's also made the MLS Team of the Week 19 and 20 despite not starting a match.

Cucho just plays at a different pace and he makes opposing players look like they're running in slow-motion. The most interesting thing about Cucho is that his expected goal count is 0.4. The Colombian puts the ball in the back of the net in difficult situations. The 23-year-old has the potential to take the Crew far, and he's just getting started.

In his 29-minute debut, Cucho scored an amazing goal, chipping the keeper while running full speed. That is not easy to do. The ability to start the counter attack and easily outpace the lone defender gives the Crew a dimension that it didn't have pre-Cucho. The speedy Colombian is a threat to score on the break at all times.

In just one half against D.C. United, Cucho picked up a terrific brace. His first goal was an amazing curler from just inside the box that was perfectly placed into the top right corner. He can truly score from anywhere, and is always a threat when the ball is at his foot. His second goal was a great header that he scored while running full speed. Just put the ball in for Cucho, and he will put it in the back of the net.

In his first start (and third game) as a member of the Crew, Cucho scored his fourth goal. putting in a terrific header in the 16th minute. Just look how fast he gets to the cross and flicks it behind him. The skilful header found the side netting, and the keeper was nowhere near saving it.

As I mentioned before, his skills and speed are just on a different level. With Zelarayan continuing to put the ball in for him, a lot more goals will be coming for Cucho and the Crew.

With Cucho getting into the starting lineup and building more chemistry with his Crew teammates, the possibilities are endless. In just three matches, he already looks like a top three player in the entire league and has the potential to carry the Crew all the way back to the MLS Cup final. Only time will tell how Cucho and the Crew will keep going, but the team will surely be one of the most entertaining teams to watch for the rest of the season.