I'm taking this as a good sign

Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA

The January transfer window has come and gone without the Crew making any moves. On social media, it seemed like I was reading news of one transfer or proposed transfer after another as teams scrambled to strengthen their roster. The Crew standing pat should make me nervous, but it doesn’t. I’m taking their lack of transfer activity as a good sign.

What I’m reading into this is Crew President and GM Tim Bezbatchenko and head coach Wilfried Nancy are happy with their roster heading into the 2024 season. Considering it remains largely intact from last season, that’s not a surprise. Of the 20 players who suited up for the MLS Cup final, 17 of them are back. There’s good reason to like the roster.

Another reason for the Crew being inactive in the January window is Bezbatchenko took care of business in December. Not long after the MLS Cup final, he brought in Marino Hinestroza (wingback), Derrick Jones (center midfield/center back), and Nicholas Hagen (goalkeeper). Hinestroza could become a starter at left wingback, but the most important thing is Bezbatchenko added quality depth. He also signed midfielder Taha Habroune from Crew 2 to a Homegrown Player contract in mid-January.

Does all of this mean I think Bezbatchenko and Nancy will not look to make a trade or add a player in the next transfer window? No, not at all. I think you’ll see them look at adding another player when one becomes available who is a good fit for Nancy’s system. I’ve said many times that the Crew is going to need quality depth because of the amount of games they will play this season.

I trust Bezbatchenko and Nancy. If they are happy with the roster right now, then we should be as well. I think they’ve earned that from Crew fans.