Messi Miami Matches up With Crew

Imminent match hopes to be a big playoff preview.
New York City FC v Inter Miami CF
New York City FC v Inter Miami CF / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The Columbus Crew face Inter Miami this week.

The match will be the twentieth for Miami and the sixteenth on the season for the Crew. Per ForeBet the expectation is that the Crew will prevail. It is by far the predicted result at 47% chance of happening. Just to inform, the other 53% is divided amongst both the draw result and a potential Miami victory. That is why 47% is still the favorite.

The Crew are favored even though it is a road game. The game will be held at Chase Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The neutral site should add to the spectacle. It is not really a neutral site. Though the site is 34 miles north of Miami, it is their home field.

The horrific pink jerseys intend to be a distraction. The home fans can help Miami as well. Will up to 21,500 people cheering for Miami be enough to make a difference. It is not expected to sway the point total.

Columbus enters in sixth place while Miami sits in first. Miami is eleven points ahead of Columbus in the standings. Miami has 38 points in 19 games while Columbus has 27 points in 15 games.

Maybe a more fair assessment would be their goals. The goal differential favors Miami; Miami has a plus 16 goal differential; Columbus has a plus nine goal differential. Is Miami really seven goals better than Columbus? The four extra games played might bring that figure down into better focus.

Goals for also heavily favors Miami. They scored twenty more games also than the Crew. They scored 44 goals. The Crew have scored a modest 24 goals so far.