MLS Next Pro Team Crew 2 Prepare for Chicago

The Crew's sixth place farm team faces fourth place Chicago.
Atlanta United FC v Columbus Crew
Atlanta United FC v Columbus Crew / Jason Mowry/GettyImages

After besting Miami on penalties Crew 2 move on to face a tough Chicago according to Sports Cafe.

The win will go down as a draw and a shootout win. The league places emphasis on winning games in regulation. This, they only award points as if shootout games were draws.

These developmental teams will faceoff and see just who is better at soccer. So far the standings would say it is not the Crew 2. What new evidence will they display?

Coming into play the Crew 2 have five wins, five losses and three draws. The draws, like the most recent draw, play it out in penalties and the league also keeps track of the shootout winners.

The latest game goes down as a draw. Before that, the Crew 2 won 3-1 against New England II. The game prior to that was a 1-3 loss verses the Philadelphia Union II.

In their fourth most recent match, the Crew 2 lost to Chicago FC United 1-2. Before that, they had a 4-3 win over Orlando City U-23. The match before that they lost one goal to nil as they were clean sheeted verses Cincinnati 2.

Before that, the Crew 2 experienced a 1-1 match; the shootout was won 3-1 over TFC II. Then before that, the Crew 2 were victorious at 2-0 over New York Red Bulls II.

The start of their season saw the Crew 2 come out going 2-2-1. In that, their wins were over TCF II and Huntsville City. They lost games to Red Bulls II and NYCFC II. They tied the match with Crown Legacy until they lost 3-4 on penalties.

So how prepared are the Crew 2 for their next match? The recent draw and win should lead to more success.