Remember That Incredible Crew vs Metrostars Match

Review of this historic 1996 match shows two eager new clubs competing at the world's greatest game in the United States of America.
Crew V Metrostars
Crew V Metrostars / Al Bello/GettyImages

The history of the Columbus Crew and the New York Red Bulls began in April of 1996 according to UPI.

The third game for both teams in their Major League Soccer history went down as a Crew victory. The score of 2-0 does not accurately depict the struggle of the game. The Crew goalie Bo Oshoniyi even had to make seven second half saves to preserve the score.

The New York Red Bulls were referred to as the New York New Jersey Metrostars in the beginning. And as we all know, in the beginning God created the Heavens, the Earth and soccer. Soccer fans have been crazy and passionate for all of time. The same could be said about Major League Soccer fans. These fans have always been great. New York Metrostars set and holds their attendance record in their innagural 1996 campaign.

The Crew would score their first goal in half one. That goal would go in unassisted. The score would be one nothing at the half. In that half the ball was in the Crew's offensive zone most of the time at nearly 35 minutes.

The other goal of the game was scored by Columbus in the second half. Half number two of play was a little more even. Both teams at least shot the ball. But like in the first half there was a lone Crew goal and nothing major was accomplished by the Metrostars.

The game was won 2-0 by the Columbus Crew. Immediately following the game the New York New Jersey Metrostars held a press conference and changed their name to the New York Red Bulls. Immediately as in twenty years later in 2006. Red Bull owns the New York squad along with several other Red Bull named teams spread across the globe.