Why I cheer for Kevin Molino

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It isn’t hard to figure out the least popular member of the Crew. All you had to do was listen when he entered the game Wednesday night. I may not have been happy, but here’s why I cheer for Kevin Molino.

Trust Me, I Get It

I understand completely why Molino is so unpopular with Crew fans. In two separate games, he committed dumb fouls late that led to game-winning and game-tying goals. When he committed the one against Atlanta in early October, my head nearly exploded. I could not believe Wilfried Nancy put him out there in such a close game. So, trust me, I get it completely why he’s unpopular with the Crew fan base. I believe I’ve even said I hope I never see him on the field again for the Crew. But, I have to be very honest and say I don’t agree with booing him when he entered the game Wednesday night.

He's Still One Of Ours

Let’s keep one thing in mind. Kevin Molino is still a member of the Crew. He’s still one of our guys. I just don’t agree with booing a Crew player. I also wasn’t happy with seeing him begin to put on his jersey and believe my exact words were, “Not Kevin Molino. Please not Molino.” However, once he stepped onto the field, I was his biggest fan and wanted to see nothing but good things for him. Why? Because if Kevin Molino plays well and has success, it benefits the Crew and that’s the most important thing to me. I’d have much rather seen Nancy turn to Christian Ramirez, but he didn’t. He chose Molino and there was nothing I could do about it but cheer for and support him like I do every Crew player.

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I will cheer for Kevin Molino each time he is on the field. I just hope I don’t have to again this season.