Columbus Crew SC Rebrand Revealed: The Crest

Oct 8, 2014; Columbus, OH, USA; Columbus Crew team members watch the video unveiling their new logo at the event for fans at the LC Pavilion. Mandatory Credit: Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Gone is the diamond shaped crest. Gone are the words “The Crew” featuring prominently on the crest. Gone are the three iconic men in hardhats. In comes Columbus Crew SC, a new name for the club, and a circular badge, which in my opinion, looks absolutely gorgeous.

The Columbus Crew SC (that will take some getting used to), revealed their long anticipated rebrand to the rest of the world today at the LC Pavilion with select stakeholders of the club on hand for the special event.

The new crest drew upon inspiration from German Bundesliga clubs, tying in with the rich German heritage found in the city of Columbus.

In the press release from the club, they revealed the thinking behind every aspect of the new crest and it’s surprisingly intricate.

Not only does the crest have the traditional circular shape that many German clubs use, but the use of the inner circle is meant to be the emblem on the flag of Ohio. The checkerboard pattern is synonymous with the Nordecke, a fantastic nod to the great fan support Crew SC has.

My favorite aspect of the crest is the representation of the club’s history with the use of the original crest over the stripes. The “96” obviously represents the founding year of the club and I love the way they placed the old badge over the upward trending lines, pointing to the growth of the soccer club.

The new type font is gorgeous as well, giving the badge a clean look.

This crest, in my extremely biased opinion, immediately becomes one of the MLS’s best. It is amazingly modern compared to the old badge and has so many unique elements to it. There really isn’t a crest in the league that was inspired by so many different factors and it really stands out because of it.